The plant with more than a decade history has a rich scientific base. Thanks to own technological solutions, the customer living thousands of kilometers away receives the freshest nectar and juice at a table. On the organoleptic properties it will hardly be distinguished from properties of the fruit collected from a tree. The plant also produces original mixed drinks that appeal to the taste of the most experienced gourmet.

It is possible thanks to :

Ensuring a minimum contact of juice with the air in the production process. The product is not oxidized. Preserved original taste and color.
Advanced technology of pasteurization, which allows you to carry out sanitary measures, preserving the taste and useful properties of juice.
Quality packaging. The plant works only with well-established manufacturers of bottles, boxes, lids. Old, proven partners can guarantee the quality of the end product to the consumer.
Priority of naturalness and usefulness in the production of the juice.
The most modern equipment from Germany and Italy.


Your consumers will immediately appreciate the quality of the juice. It is worth to drink 1 sip of directly squeezed juice and you feel like you are drinking the fruit itself. Such feeling is useless to expect from the other producers of juices. We achieved high taste and organoleptic qualities of the juice with the help of the latest equipment, fine pasteurization technology, and personnel qualification. And due to the use of a closed technological scheme with minimal contact with air, the course of oxidation processes is excluded.
Guarantee for the quality and exclusive look of your product. We work with proven partners-suppliers of the components (cover, label and boxes). We are confident in them, as we make our brand Regal Siprus luxury segment and successfully sell it in the markets of the USA, Canada, Indonesia, Australia, United Kingdom, UAE, Ireland, Singapore, South Korea, Norway, Germany, Spain France, Italy, Belgium, Denmark and other countries.
Assortment – without analogues. In the laboratory, PFC specialists can create mixes of juices according to your requirements. We are not limited in volume and assortment of production.
Service 24/7. At first glance, you might think that this is an insignificant advantage, but experience shows that we have the ability to respond quickly and to eliminate any problems through the professional team.

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